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The Creation Museum


If you have a few minutes spare, I’d recommend reading these two articles by Dave2: Christianity and Creation, and Creation and Christianity. They’re about the Creation Museum near Petersburg in Kentucky, USA, which tells the story of the origins of the universe, the earth, and all of its flora and fauna, from the viewpoint of a literal interpretation of The Bible. It’s worth a read because Dave goes in with a very open mind, despite him being convinced of the theory of evolution.

It’s also interesting because we Brits don’t quite have anything similar. There’s the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, a creationist farm and zoo in Somerset, and a small Genesis Exhibition in Portsmouth, but that’s about it. When an exhibit at the National Trust‘s visitor centre at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland mentioned the views of young earth creationists that it was only 6000 years old, it was criticised and ultimately changed.

I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. I’m convinced that evolution is the best explanation that we have for how our world came to be, and that is the only valid theory that should be taught as science. But I think it’s worth acknowledging alternative views – not promoting them, or teaching them as fact – but accepting that some peoples’ religious convictions mean that they disagree with or dispute aspects of evolution. I wouldn’t personally wish to visit a creationist museum, and wouldn’t want it to be funded by public money or presented as factually accurate, but I respect its owners right to freedom of speech, and their freedom to hold religious views.

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  1. The Creation Museum was funded privately on purchased land… as is the Ark Experience they are building now. Because of that, they get to do whatever they want to do… including presenting their Young Earth viewpoint as fact that’s supported by science and endorsed by The Bible. After searching the internet, I’ve found a lot of people visit the museum just to make fun of it and the people who visit there. Even though I found a lot of the exhibits to be absurd, I made a concentrated effort not to do this. Everything can be a learning experience… even if you’re just learning about how other people see the world. In that respect, I found the museum to be an interesting place to visit.