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A week and a half using my iPhone 5

It’s been over a week since I got my iPhone 5, so time for an update:

  • On the whole, I’m pleased with the phone. It’s much faster than my iPhone 4 – apps open more quickly, and the internet is faster.
  • Siri is fun to use, and can be useful if you know what questions to ask it. It could do with some more data sources though.
  • The new form factor takes a little getting used to; I’m used to the thickness of an iPhone 4 with a cover, and sometimes I have a brief panic because I can’t feel it in my pocket because it’s so thin.
  • I will be purchasing a cover for it. I’ve had it less than two weeks and I’ve already managed to scuff the metal backplate slightly. I want the phone to maintain some of its value if I sell it in a couple of years’ time at the end of my contract.
  • Battery life is broadly comparable with the iPhone 4, maybe a little less. This is a bit disappointing as I was hoping for better battery life. But then it is a 4G phone and it is thinner and lighter so trade-offs have to come somewhere. I will be buying a new backup battery for it though.
  • I like the new Lightning connector – being able to insert it either way is great, especially when you wake up at 3am and realise that you didn’t put your phone in charge and have to fumble in the dark. The downside is that it only comes with 1 cable, and none of the oodles of other iPod cables that I’ve amassed over the years work. I’ll be buying an additional cable once more places have them in stock again.
  • Most of the apps I use regularly have updated for the new screen, although not all. Some notable holdouts are BBC iPlayer and YouTube, which means that you get a black box around all of the videos that you watch.
  • Apple still haven’t fixed the bug with iTunes Match which means that playing a song doesn’t update the ‘Recently Played’ smart playlist, thus meaning that those songs don’t get scrobbled to
  • Sound quality over Bluetooth seems better than on the iPhone 4. I’m not quite sure why, but incoming audio sounds clearer and the person at the other end seemed to be able to understand me better.
  • I haven’t had much of an opportunity to try out the camera, but so far it seems quite capable.


  1. I’ve also noticed that phone calls sound clearer.

  2. Yeah pretty much my experience. The camera in my iP5 doesn’t have that purple lens flare type fringing some of the iPhones seem to have. Love the Panorama camera – works pretty flawlessly. In most every respect it is better than my iP4 and I am more than delighted with it. And yes it is fast and with 4G pretty fantastic.

  3. After seeing and using my sister in law’s iPhone 5 some more I can say that do want one. I think the weight and the thickness are the two selling points. Alas my contract with AT&T isn’t up until next year so I’m going to have to wait.

    I hadn’t heard about the “not being able to scrobble to” bug. That would be a huge dealbreaker for me 😉 Not that I’d use my phone for that, I still lug around my 160GB iPod Classic 😉