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The probable abandonment of Twitter’s official OS X app

Update: Since this article was posted in October 2012, the official Twitter for Mac client has actually been updated. An April 2013 blog post from Twitter explains this.


It has now been well over a year since the official Twitter app for OS X was last updated. It launched with the Mac App Store in January 2011, and the most recent version, for Snow Leopard, was released in June 2011. Since then both Lion and now Mountain Lion have come along, and yet Twitter haven’t made any changes.

Early signs of ‘bit rot’ are setting in:

  • There’s no support for posting images using Twitter’s own image service ( – you have to use a third-party service
  • Of those third-party services, is listed but it no longer works
  • The app’s icon doesn’t use the revised Twitter logo from June
  • Promoted tweets and trending topics do not show in the timelines, as they do on the web and in the official mobile clients

It’s a shame to see the official client abandoned in this way. I used it as my main Mac desktop client for quite some time, before switching to Osfoora and then Tweetbot for Mac. And before January 2011 I used Tweetie, which was bought by Twitter and became Twitter for Mac. It’s especially concerning when Twitter has been discouraging third parties from developing ‘traditional’ timeline clients, because at present it’s the third-party clients that offer up-to-date features.

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