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Foursquare Connected Apps

Foursquare Connected AppsContinuing my very occasional series of posts about Foursquare on Thursdays (the last one being in, um, June), I’d like to focus on a relatively recent addition to Foursquare’s third-party app ecosystem called ‘Connected apps’. Now Foursquare has supported third-party apps for some time, but now apps can add data to users’ checkins. There’s quite a few out there, and Foursquare features some of them on this page, but I’d like to go through the ones I use, or have used:

  • Untappd – a social network for beer (and cider!) drinkers. Works as an independent app as well, but when connected to Foursquare it should pop up when you check in to a pub or bar to tell you what beers are popular there. Unfortunately not many people use Untappd around here so I’ve yet to see it in action.
  • Sonar – let’s you know if your friends are nearby, or people who you aren’t yet friends with but have mutual friends or interest with. Again, there’s a standalone app but it integrates well with Foursquare.
  • Squaredar – if a Foursquare friend has previously been a long way away, but is now much closer to where you have just checked in, Squaredar will notify you. Useful for finding out if people who live a far away are visiting your area, or if friends have returned from a break.
  • After Credits – when you check into a film at a cinema, After Credits will tell you whether it’s worth staying until after the credits have rolled. Sometimes there’s a bonus extra scene or preview of a sequel there.
  • Yo, Taco! – informs you of any places within a mile of your current check-in that serve tacos. This was fun initially but actually a surprising number of places near me do, and so it quickly got tired.
  • The Weather Channel – a quick description of the local weather conditions where you check in. Only works on the first check in of the day, and I’ve tended to find that the information wasn’t very accurate over here in the UK.
  • Last Tweet – shows the most recent tweet from the venue’s Twitter account, where one has been listed by the venue owner or a superuser. Useful for spotting special offers, or travel information at stations, for example.

More of these connected apps are being added all of the time, so there may be some more useful ones on the way.

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