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AirPlay Mirroring and Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies and Airplay MirroringOne thing that my iPhone 5 has allowed me to do that my iPhone 4 couldn’t is full AirPlay Mirroring – the screen and audio is mirrored to another device. The iPhone 4 supported audio AirPlay, but not the picture as well – this was added in the 4S and subsequently the 5 as well.

Ideally Apple would prefer you to use this with an Apple TV device (£99), but since my Mac is connected to my TV using a VGA cable I instead use AirServer ($15, my review on my Mac.

And I’m pleased to say it works well. Having a network that uses 802.11n obviously helps, but there was no noticeable lag between the images on my phone and the screen. It did, as you can imagine, wear down the phone’s battery quite quickly and also made it run quite warm.

It was also a chance to see Rovio’s new game Bad Piggies on the big screen. Christine and I are both Angry Birds fans – I have all four games and we have most of the plush toys as well. It’s a fun game – definitely best played with the sound on – and it’s sufficiently different to Angry Birds to be interesting. Plus, it’s only 69p.


  1. The plush toys are much better for angry birds than for CoD…

  2. What a cool idea. Good to hear that there was no noticable lag between screens.