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Smart calendars – Cue and Sunrise

Screenshot of SunriseOf late, there’s been a trend for smart calendar applications – apps which take your calendar data and combine it with other information to give you a greater overview. I’m going to look at two apps which do this, in different ways – Cue and Sunrise.


Sunrise, developed by a Foursquare employee, sends you a daily email with your schedule. It pulls in your calendars from Google Calendar, and uses data from LinkedIn and Facebook to give you more detail. So if you have an event called ‘Meeting with Fred Bloggs’, it’ll include some basic information from Fred Bloggs’ LinkedIn page, if you are connected to him. It’ll also pull in birthdays from your Facebook friends, and include information about the weather.

In fact, Sunrise is quite a lot like Timehop (which I reviewed in June), but it tells you about what is going to happen today rather than what happened this time last year.


Cue works a bit differently, in that it’s an iPhone app that you can open when you like. Its home screen will show your schedule for today, and you can scroll through to view other dates. It supports all of the services that Sunrise supports, but can also access your phone’s calendar and address book as well. There’s also a whole raft of other services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter and Dropbox, and even more if you’re prepared to pay for a premium account.

Both services use OAuth so they don’t need to store your passwords, and you can revoke their access at any time.

Which service you use is up to you. By using email, Sunrise is pushed to you each morning, and can be viewed on any device that you can view your email on. Cue is available at any time, will update throughout the day, and can pull data from a wider variety of services, but it’s only available on your iPhone.

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