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A test of the Dictation feature in Mountain Lion

Other than this italicised paragraph, everything written here was dictated using the new Dictation speech to text feature in Mountain Lion.

As a test of the dictation feature now tonight I’m dictating this blog post entirely by speaking it used to say bathrooms as Siri and is therefore disabled by default to have to go in and enable it manually sad face. I have not making any alterations to spot posts what you see here is exactly what has been dictated.

Considering that there are a variety of accents using UK it seems to cope quite well that isn’t perfect as you’ll see from the various text is come before this is a little bit inaccurate but it’s any better than that text speak software from earlier this decade.

Tutors Alzheimer’s disease the web Terry Pratchett’s now dictates his box his computer that is unable to type them. Apparently he also gets lots and lots of errors as well.

One thing I have noticed is that it does not detect the end of sentences unless you say.. This does mean that you can’t say the phrase. In the middle of a sentence.

That’s it now I make via translated version this post as reading through dismissal $.40.

One Comment

  1. That is pretty pathetic really, but seems to be on par with most speech to text translation programs. Google Voice has really bizarre transcriptions as did Jott when I used it to leave memo’s but at least both of those had the audio to listen to as a backup.
    What were you saying about Terry Pratchett? I couldn’t work out what you would have been saying about him.