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Odds and Ends

Elephant Armour

  • Yes, I’m linking to the elephant armour again. Because it’s awesome.
  • Last week, for the first time in almost 3 years, I wrote a guest post over at Stupid Evil Bastard. It’s a blog post I considered writing here, but felt SEB offers a better audience, what with it being about politics and religion, two subjects that I – generally speaking – avoid here. The post is about the vaccine for HPV, a sexually-transmitted virus which is linked to around 70% of all cases of cervical cancer, and how some schools have opted out of giving the vaccine to their pupils for religious reasons.
  • Since it’s been a couple of months since I last wrote about Geocaching, here’s an update. Well, really there’s not much to say; I found one whilst we were in London, one in Keswick in Cumbria (my 1 sole find in June), three in Blackpool last weekend and one in Leeds this weekend. I’m off work on Wednesday so, provided the weather is okay, I plan to venture out to get a few more.
  • I’ve previously blogged about TopCashback but recently I decided to join its main rival, Quidco. I’ll do a full blog entry soon as there’s a few things that Quidco does differently, but I’d recommend joining both if you want to maximise your cashback opportunities. If you want to join Quidco yourself, here’s my referral link.

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