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Middle-aged men with time and money

Iron Man at the Royal Armouries, Leeds You should never underestimate what a middle-aged man can achieve, given enough time and money. An example is in this photograph I took yesterday, on a visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. That Iron Man suit is in fact not one used in the film, but a suit built by a local man from Bradford in two months. Its actually his second; he unveiled his first in Bradford in April, which took over a year to make, and was then commissioned by the Royal Armouries to build a second.

It has been on show as part of Leeds Weekend Warriors series of special events which also saw somebody dressed as Darth Vader outside when we visited yesterday (along with some Storm Troopers), and a replica Portal gun. The events run for the next couple of weeks; of course, the main gallery is open as usual so you can see such curiosities as a full suit of elephant armour, and it’s free entry.


  1. Hi Neil, my partner, Mark Pearson, actually built the suit. It looks fantastic in the glass case. We have had great fun all weekend and the response, yet again,has been fabulous!

  2. Also, Mark might be middle-aged, he might have too much time on his hands, not sure about the “money” though! LOl!