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So this is how I’m spending my evening

Screenshot of Disk Utility on Mac OS X

Earlier on this evening Time Machine said it couldn’t save my latest backup due to disk errors. So, out comes Disk Utility to fix the drive, which hasn’t ever been checked for errors in the 18 months that I’ve owned it. It’s taking its time.

The drive is called Tardis because, well, it’s the Time Machine volume. ‘Dalek’ is an exFAT partition on the same drive in case I need to use it with Windows.

As it happens, I spent some time on Saturday verifying and repairing errors on my main drive, which is disappointingly called ‘Macintosh HD’ (the internal drive on my old MacBook was called ‘Gallifrey’, and I have another external drive called ‘Neutron Flow’). That wasn’t because I was noticing problems, but more to do with the fact that I’m hoping to upgrade to Mountain Lion later this month and so it’s a good idea to make sure everything’s working okay first.

Hopefully Disk Utility will sort out the errors and so Time Machine can run again; if not, I’ll have to wipe it and reformat. Thankfully it’s only a backup drive.

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  1. My external is called DataTortoise, while my SD cards are named after LucasArts characters.