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The pros and cons of Adsense image advertising

Shark Statue

Around 3 weeks ago I made a change which meant that, for the first time, image (or banner) advertising would sometimes appear instead of text-based advertising on the blog. This is mainly due to the fall in earnings that the text adverts have been making, which means that I no longer make any money from this web site (and in fact it costs me money to run). The hope would be that this would increase my earnings.

Except it hasn’t – or at least, not much. The number of clicks on the adverts has gone up, which is good, but each click on a image is apparently worth less than a click on a text advert. So I managed around a 20% overall increase in earnings but 20% of not a lot, is, well, still not a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this for the money – and even if I didn’t blog much I still have to pay for hosting for my email account. But it’s nice to have some extra money which doesn’t require much effort to earn, and I’m happy to spend a little time tweaking things if this can be improved.

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