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American Independence Day

Although I normally only post once a day I had a few thoughts about Independence Day which are probably best posted today, since it’s, well, today. Some people have said that it’s a bit odd for us Brits to wish our American friends a Happy Independence Day, what with the whole point of the day being the celebration of America gaining independence from Britain. The analogy being that it’s like giving your ex-spouse a ‘Congratulations on your divorce’ card.

I disagree. To use the ex-spouse analogy, I feel that we should be happy for what America has achieved since its independence – becoming one of the most populated and powerful nations on earth, with large, innovative companies and a commitment to civil liberties like free speech. And how many people will have spent today making mildly derisory comments about America on their smartphone, which, if it’s an iPhone or Android phone, uses software from American companies? Or made comments on Twitter or Facebook – again, American companies? And all while using the internet which was originally started by the US Military.

We have a lot to thank America for. So as well as wishing my American friends a Happy Independence Day, I’d like to thank America for all of the things it has done to make our lives better, both for its citizens and the rest of the world.

(Also, as of next May when I get married, I’ll have some American in-laws…)

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  1. That was a long time ago and we’ve got Disneyland happening on both coasts now… what’s not to love? 🙂

    Thanks, Neil.