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A year in the gym

2012-05-26 14.52.11

Today (approximately) marks one year since Christine and I joined our local gym. Although initially we weren’t planning to get a membership, and instead pay each time, we both ended up joining, at a cost of £22.50 per month – as opposed to £4.90 per visit. This means that we would each need to go 5 times a month to get our money’s worth.

Looking back, I’ve been to the gym 53 times in the past year (thanks Foursquare), which works out at £5.09 per time. In which case, it’s only cost slightly more to have a membership. It also works out at approximately one visit per week, but my visits have been somewhat more erratic in reality; some weeks I’ve managed to go three times, and there have been a couple of periods where I haven’t been at all for weeks – 6 weeks around Christmas and 10 weeks around March and April.

But it’s not really all about the economics – it’s about fitness, building strength and losing weight. When I went walking in June last year it was a real struggle, whereas this year it was much easier; similarly I have some reasonable upper body strength for the first time ever. The weight loss – or rather reduction in body fat, I’m not too bothered about my actual weight – hasn’t gone quite so well although I have a slightly smaller waistline now.

It’s also had a positive effect on my asthma – I’ve been able to save money on my prescriptions because I’ve not needed to use my inhalers as much. In fact, I rarely need to use my inhaler before, during or immediately after the gym, whereas in the past exercise would have triggered weasiness.

I’m definitely going to keep on with the gym for the next 12 months at least, and hopefully not take the long breaks that I took over the past year. After all, I want to look my best for my wedding in 10 months time.

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