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Photo progress


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a lot of photos to upload to Flickr, and I’m certainly getting there. I’ve previously mentioned the Newby Hall pictures, and now have most of the photos I took in London uploaded. These are in two sets – general photos of London, and those taken at London Zoo. A third set will have the photos that I took at Kew Gardens, but as there are around 60-70 of them it’ll take me some time to go through them all, pick out the best ones and edit them. Although my Canon EOS takes good pictures, a bit of tweaking in iPhoto can make them look a lot better, but this can take a minute or two for each picture and it can easily add up to an hour’s work.

Once they’re up, there are a few photos of the Howgills and Keswick to go up, my RailFest pictures, and a few from Creswell Crags. I’ll hopefully be caught up by then, assuming that I don’t go out and take any more in the meantime.

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  1. He he, yep that’s why I generally only post five pictures a day to Flickr as that’s about how many I have time to sort out in Lightroom. Having a backlog of photos to post is a good problem to have though in my opinion 😉