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Recent changes


I’ve made a few changes to the site, and thought I’d share them with you.

WordPress 3.4

It’s probably of little surprise that I upgraded to WordPress 3.4 upon its release last week. Not that there are really any useful features in it for me personally but it’s best to be up-to-date.

No separate mobile theme

I use a modified version of Yoko as the theme for the blog, and previously I used WPtouch to provide a mobile-friendly theme for users on phones and mobile devices. But Yoko uses ‘responsive design’ – the latest buzzword for sites with designs that adapt to different screen sizes, including mobile, so WPtouch is somewhat redundant. I’ve therefore disabled it, so mobile users will see the same theme as desktop users – albeit adapted for smaller screens. As you can see in the screenshot, it looks fine.

Comment login option

I’m now running the latest edition of the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, and this now means that, rather than typing your name, email address and URL into the comments box, that you can instead log in using a Twitter, Facebook or account. In doing so, you’re authenticating with so this will apply to any blogs hosted there and any other WordPress blogs with the latest Jetpack plugin installed.

New Facebook plugin

This was going to a couple of paragraphs about me using the new Facebook for WordPress plugin, but unfortunately I can’t actually get it to work properly – when I post a new blog entry, nothing happens on Facebook. Instead, I’m sticking with Wordbooker to push posts to my Facebook wall. It’s a rather unwieldy plugin with lots of options and not so much documentation, but at least it works.

I may revisit the official plugin at some point. It does seem to be working for most people, and allows you to deeply integrate Facebook with your site – using it as a login mechanism, adding ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ buttons, a trending articles box and full integration with the new Timeline feature.

Advertising changes

I’ve been using Google Adsense on here for a long time, and in the past it has brought in a lot of money – more than I’ve needed to cover the costs of running the site. But not anymore – nowadays, very few people click on the adverts and the site now costs me money each month. So I’ve made a change which will mean that, as well as text adverts, you may also see image adverts as well. I made this change a few days ago and so far it looks promising, with more clicks.

In the past I’ve resisted this change because I feel that text advertising is less distracting than images. Hopefully, the new image-based adverts won’t be too intrusive.

One Comment

  1. I did install WordPress 3.4 the other day and briefly played with importing all my MT data. I have it running in a test area and *may* pull the trigger and switch the live blog to it. But for some reason I still have a strange affinity for MT. Like I can’t quite let it go 😉