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Wedding update


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything publicly about the wedding, although close friends on Facebook will know roughly where we’re up to. The wedding isn’t until May next year, so we have 11 months to go, but we’ve still managed to get a lot done already.

The wedding itself was booked back in February. Christine now has her dress and jewellery, and has ordered her shoes. I haven’t got my outfit sorted yet but myself, my best man and usher will probably sort out our suits early next year – i.e. in the sales. We’ve also booked a professional photographer – although several of my friends are very talented photographers, we decided it would be best if they were allowed to enjoy the day rather than helping out. It’s another expense – and quite a large one at that – but we do get a lot for our money: two photographers who will be around from before the ceremony right up until the disco.

Since the actual invites won’t be sent out until after Christmas (probably), we’re sending out ‘save the date’ cards, which we’ve had printed online – so later this month we’ll be posting those out. We still haven’t yet finalised the guest list though…

The other major components still to do which I haven’t yet mentioned are the flowers (some are provided by the venue but we’ll need buttonholes and Christine’s bouquet), the cake, and the honeymoon. The latter will probably be dependent on how much money we have left over – although we aren’t due to spend anything near £18,500 (the average cost of a UK wedding… no, really), it’s still a lot of money, and we may instead have a ‘mini-moon’ for a few days and leave the main honeymoon until later.

So that’s where we’re at. We’ll hopefully get the other big pieces of the wedding jigsaw in place over the next few months. I’m actually really impressed at how much we’ve managed to accomplish so far.

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  1. Our photographer is just about the largest single expense for us ( : £1,000 ), but now we’re going for 3 nights in a suite at the Belmont Hotel in Leicester, wedding service at Leicester Town Hall and 3 course meal and reception at the Belmont, it’s going to be a total of around £4k. That’s excluding dresses/suits (although we’re probably going to “go highstreet” with them) – the rings we got free from a family jeweller.