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Timehop is a fun web site that sends you an email each day with what you did one year ago, using information from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and, optionally, your SMS messages from your iPhone or Android phone. You get to see last year’s status updates, photographs, Foursquare checkins and any conversations you had by SMS with others.

The email arrives around 7am UK time each day and is also viewable online; you can also ‘favourite’ status updates if you want to preserve them for prosperity. It’s nice to have a snapshot of what you did last year – a chance to remember the places you visited, amusing links you retweeted and the pictures you took. You also get a couple of facts about interesting events that happened on the day last year.

One caveat is that when you first sign up you may not see anything from Twitter for a while – Twitter only lets applications search the 3200 most recent tweets, so if you’ve tweeted more than 3200 times in the past year then initially Timehop won’t be able to retrieve your tweets.

It’s free to sign up.


  1. I’ve actually installed Tweetnest ( ) which stores copies of my tweets on my server (or, in my case, on my Linux laptop) sorted by date – making it easy for me to look back at any point. Yes, it’s limited to the last 3,200 tweets on the initial load: but it’ll keep all the tweets going forward.