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App of the Week: Melo

Last year I reviewed ScrobblePod, a scrobbling client for for Mac OS X. Development of ScrobblePod has now ceased – a minor update was released last week to fix some issues, but there will be no future updates.

Instead, the developer has released a new app called Melo, which has been built from the ground up as a new, simple client. It sits on your menu bar and has a very simple interface, showing the song playing, a ‘love’ button if you love the track, a link to your profile and an options button.

The options let you control what gets scrobbled from iTunes – i.e. you can exclude certain artists, genres or media types (audiobooks, for example, are excluded by default). And that’s really it – there’s not much to configure in the app.

The app will also detect plays from an iPod or iPhone, by monitoring changes to your ‘Recently Played’ playlist every now and again. In my experience it takes a few minutes from a sync being completed to your scrobbles showing on

Melo doesn’t replace all of the features of ScrobblePod yet – there’s no Growl notifications, for example, so you’ll need to use another app like GrowlTunes if you want that, although hopefully a future update will allow this. It also only runs on Mac OS X Lion, and costs £2.49 on the Mac App Store. But it does look nice and works well.

One Comment

  1. I’ve always had luck with the official Mac client. It scrobbles iPod plays just fine. Although I should say, recent versions scrobble iPpod plays. Back in the day before the official app supported that I used iScrobber.

    The ability to not scrobble certain artists via Melo would be awesome to prevent any accidental embarrasing Bee Gees songs from being made public. Not that I have any. Nope. Nuh-uh. (shakes head)