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10,000 tweets


Last night I posted my 10,000th tweet, although as I had been anticipating it, it was an announcement rather than just something random:

I joined Twitter on the 1st of June 2007, so it’s taken me a mere 11 days shy of 5 years to tweet that much. My blog post at the time implied a little animosity – perhaps because this was yet another social network to join. I’d only joined Facebook a few months previously. And I don’t think I imagined Twitter would become as popular as it has today.

Although 10,000 tweets over 5 years implies 2,000 tweets per year, it’s probable that my tweet rate (number of tweets per day) has been much higher over the past 18 months, what with having a smartphone that can tweet at any time. Before, I’d have to use a computer or send a text message.

Whether I’ll still be using Twitter in 5 years remains to be seen, but it’s done well so far.

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