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Old crane, new hotel

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Geocaching. Probably because I didn’t go looking for any during April. But I’ve been out a few times in May, and found a few in York, Leeds, and on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal between Shipley and Bingley. And on Saturday, whilst in Leeds, I logged my 100th find. Incidentally, the picture I used above is where I found my 99th cache.

May has, so far, been my second best month for finds. February was my best – 24 finds, of which 16 were found in one afternoon around Shipley and Saltaire. This month I’ve found 16 – 4 in York, including one just around the corner from my parents’ house which required the use of a stepladder to retrieve – 7 between Bingley and Shipley and 7 in Leeds, including the aforementioned 100th find. I also spotted another NCN Milepost – even though I’ve definitely walked past that spot twice before and apparently never noticed it. This brings me up to 12 – only 988 more to find, then

Later this month we’re off to London, so I’ll try to bag a cache or two around there. In fact, there’s one just outside King’s Cross station.

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