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How to: Share pictures on Twitter with Flickr

If you want to send a tweet with a picture, most Twitter clients will let you use services like TwitPic or yFrog to do so, and more recently Twitter has offered its own image hosting service which is usually the default. But what about Flickr?

Alas, as far as I am aware Flickr doesn’t have an API function that allows you to post images from Twitter clients in the same way as TwitPic. At present, you have to upload the picture to Flickr as you would normally, and then share the image on Twitter; this is a little cumbersome, especially on a phone.

Thankfully, there’s a way around it, in the form of the oddly named GDZLLA. Here’s how to set up GDZLLA to allow you to tweet pictures and have them hosted on Flickr, just like you would on any other service.

Step 1: Link your Twitter and Flickr accounts with GDZLLA

Go to and click ‘Get Started’ – you’ll first be asked to grant GDZLLA read-only access to your Twitter account, and then read-write access to your Flickr account. Once done, you’ll be given the ‘API endpoint’ which you need to make a note of to paste into your Twitter apps, although for reference this will be either (most clients) or (for TweetBot or any other client which doesn’t accept the first one)

Step 2: Configure your Twitter client

The steps required to configure your Twitter client are different for each individual client; I’ve included the ones that I’m familiar with. The key requirement is that it supports custom API endpoints for image uploads – neither Tweetdeck nor the official Twitter for iPhone app support custom image upload services, for example.

2.1: Configuring TweetBot

I’m going to post about TweetBot first, mainly because it’s awesome and is the client that I use the most. From your timeline, click the Accounts button at the top left, and then choose ‘Accounts & Settings’, then ‘Settings’. Under ‘Account Settings’, choose your account, and then ‘Image Upload’. Scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Custom’, then paste in and click Done.

 2.2: Configuring Osfoora

I use Osfoora on my Mac (review here). Open the application menu and choose Preferences, and then Services. Next to Image Upload Service, choose Custom, and paste in the API endpoint URL as above.

Step 3: Settings

GDZLLA has a couple of settings that you can change – it defaults to GDZLLA’s own URL shorterner for your pictures but you can use Flickr’s if you’d prefer, and you can also have all of your pictures posted to a particular set on Flickr.

And that’s it – you should be able to tweet images on Flickr just like you would do on TwitPic.


  1. I use FlickIt Pro which uploads to Flickr and (optionally) sends the pic to Twitter all in one shot.

    Given that you can tweet your photos from within the Flickr web interface it’s odd that their own official iPhone app doesn’t let you tweet the pic too.

    • Actually the official app does let you tweet photos when you upload them; my tip just does it the other way around, i.e. upload photos when you tweet.