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Bradford Photo A Day

#bradfordphotoaday - 'Up' #bradfordphotoaday Day 3 - 'Reflection' #bradfordphotoaday Day 4 - 'Statue' (snowy Queen Victoria) #bradfordphotoaday Day 5 - 'Window'

This week, I’ve been taking part in #bradfordphotoaday – a photography project to take a picture every day in Bradford, with a new theme each day (a list is available here). I’ve been taking my photos using Instagram (with some assistance from Camera+ to help with zooming and focussing), but as long as you include the hashtag in a tweet with a link to your photo it doesn’t matter where they’re hosted. Instagram just makes it convenient, as I can instantly share it to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (yes, I do have a tumblog) and even Foursquare where the place is a public location.

You’ll notice that I skipped day 1 – that’s because I wasn’t in Bradford on Sunday, nor will I be in Bradford again after today until Wednesday, due to the Easter weekend. Had this taken place before I moved out of Bradford, or even last month when I was in Bradford most days (including weekends) then I may have been able to contribute more. So far, all of the photos have been taken on my commute to work in the morning.

It’s nice to see how different people interpret the theme – the theme of day 2 was ‘up’ and although the majority of pictures were taken looking up, they were at very different things. I’m looking forward to contributing again on Wednesday, when the theme will be ‘green’.

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