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App of the Week: Read Later

So in the latest instalment in the increasingly inaccurately named ‘app of the week’ series – should be more like ‘app of the month’ at my current posting rate – is a Mac app for users of Pocket (formerly Read It Later) and Instapaper, called Read Later. It lets you view the articles that you’ve saved on either (or both) services in a nice, clean interface, and mark them as read as you go.

On top of that, is support for sharing with services like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and Evernote, and a configurable viewing pane, as well as a search feature and the ability to review any articles that you’ve previously marked as read and want to review.

It’s a relatively basic app, but it does the job cleanly and simply. Unfortunately, it doesn’t yet support new upstart Readability; perhaps it will do in a future update.

Read Later is free, and available in the Mac App Store.

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