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Announcing new blog posts on Twitter


Many moons ago, back when I first joined Twitter almost 5 years ago, I briefly set up auto-tweeting of new blog posts. However, the feedback from a few of my followers was that this was essentially spam – after all, they already followed my feed and didn’t need to see things twice. So, I turned it off.

Now though I feel it’s time to revisit it. But instead of tweeting new blog posts on my main account (@nrturner), I’ve created a special new Twitter account called @NeilTurnersBlog which is there purely for tweets about new blog posts. Well, mostly – there may be the occasional other thing, but that’s its raison d’ĂȘtre, as it were.

The idea is that if you’re only interested in knowing about new blog posts and nothing else, you can subscribe to @NeilTurnersBlog; similarly if you already read my blog through Google Reader then you can just subscribe to @nrturner for my general ramblings. Or you can follow both. Or neither.

I’m using the WP to Twitter plugin for WordPress, which seems to work well, and has plenty of settings for power users to get their teeth into should they so wish.

Incidentally, Twitter doesn’t manage multiple accounts well. Google allows you to switch between logged in accounts relatively easily, but with Twitter you have to completely log out and log in. Plus, you need a separate email address and password for each account; not a massive problem but it’s yet another password to remember. With many companies now having multiple accounts, I find this a little surprising.


  1. For the multiple accounts issue, you could use the Twitter-owned Tweetdeck:

    • I already use a Twitter client with support for multiple accounts; however, to create and manage accounts you need to use the Twitter web site.