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Some free extra Dropbox space

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If you’re a Dropbox user (and if not, here’s my referral link to sign up), then you may be interested to know that you can get up to 3 GB additional space for free, simply by testing out the latest experimental build of the desktop client. You can download it from the Dropbox forums here.

You’ll be testing version 1.3 of the client, which adds automatic uploading of photos from cameras and phones to your Dropbox. A new private folder called Camera Uploads is created in your Dropbox for this purpose. Whenever you connect a camera, card reader or phone to your computer, Dropbox will automatically copy any new pictures to your Dropbox, and then upload them. More information about it is on Dropbox’s web site. It even conveniently renames your files to include the date and time that the photo was taken, rather than just called them IMG01234.JPG.

You’ll get 500 MB of free space for uploading one photo; then for every subsequent 500 MB of photo uploads, you’ll get another 500 MB of space, up to a maximum of 3 GB. And you’ll get to keep the extra space – it won’t get taken away from you even after 1.3 comes out of beta.

The caveat is that this is, of course, an experimental build and there’s a possibility that you could lose data. I haven’t had any problems with it myself, but if this sort of thing worries you, stick with the current version 1.2. There are plenty of other ways to get a bigger Dropbox for free.

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