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Bradford Industrial Museum

  • I’m finally feeling better, after being ill for most of this week. Stupid gastroenteritis. Managed a morning at work yesterday before having to throw in the towel before lunchtime as I was still feeling groggy and tired.
  • Of course, naturally I was better just in time for a day of annual leave. Still feeling a bit weak as I’ve not eaten much all week, so I haven’t done anything especially energetic today but I did manage to play World of Warcraft for more than a few minutes, for the first time in ages. I’m finding that I’m having less and less time to play the game; plus, as I moved to a more popular server last year, I’m now finding that when I do want to play on an evening there’s often queues – sometimes over 20 minutes in length, and so I don’t bother. I have wondered about taking a break and pausing my subscription, but then I did also commit to the annual pass which theoretically means I need to keep paying for another 7-8 months at least.
  • Before I was ill, last weekend Christine and I went to Bradford Industrial Museum, as I mentioned in the previous post. I’ve uploaded the rest of the photos to Flickr, along with pictures from my last trip in 2007. On Saturday we were brave/suicidal enough to do both the White Rose Centre and IKEA in one day – by public transport. It took 2 trains and 4 buses, but was do-able.
  • On Sunday I hid my third Geocache – Watson’s Crossing Halt – a few minutes down the road from our flat at the site of an old railway station of the same name. It was published on Monday, and was found within about an hour; in total, there’s been 5 finds, which I’m happy about. My first cache, hidden in September, is up to 24 finds. I also got my first ‘first to find’ on Sunday morning, which again I was happy about as normally someone else has got there first (like the person who found my own cache within about an hour of it being published, for example). Overall, I’m up to 75 finds.
  • Tomorrow, we’re planning to head over to Roundhay Park in Leeds, to visit Tropical World. They have meerkats.

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  1. The shot you used for this post is by far my fave from that Flickr set. Nicely done.