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The Olde Shears Inn

The Olde Shears Inn

There’s a pub to the north of Halifax town centre, by the Dean Clough complex, called The Olde Shears Inn. It’s pictured above.

As you can see, the early 20th century pub now sits under a mid-20th century concrete viaduct which carries the Ovenden Way, one of Halifax’s two elevated highways – the other being the more well-known Burdock Way closer to the town centre. There’s been a pub here for much longer, however – presumably it opened around the time that the nearby Dean Clough mill complex was in use as a carpet factory. There aren’t any carpets being made at Dean Clough now, but there are plenty of offices and small businesses to ensure that this little pub still has custom.

I didn’t have time to go in, but it’s worth a look, even if you just want to take an interesting photograph of it like me.

Update: The pub has changed hands and is now called 1904 @ Dean Clough.

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