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Enjoy the silence

I apologise for the general state of abandonment here, as I realise that I haven’t blogged properly here for over two weeks. Obviously we’ve been busy with planning the wedding – to quote Irish comedian Ed Byrne, “I love being married. My favourite thing about being married is that ever since I got married, I haven’t had to plan a f***ing wedding.” – and I’m also in a very busy period at work as well, which has seen me working two Saturdays until now and another two before Easter.

Of course, outside of work and weddings I’ve had some me-time. After not going to the gym much at all before Christmas, I’m back to going at least once a week, and we’ve also made it to the cinema four weeks in a row – after seeing Hugo I’ve also watched A Monster In Paris, Chronicle and most recently The Muppets of late.

I’m going to try to blog a bit more this week if I can, but apologies in advance if I don’t.

(Also, I linked to a really nice cover of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence by Italian band Lacuna Coil above)

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