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App of the Week: Snapseed

Today’s app is Snapseed, a photo editing app for iOS devices.

The iPhone, especially in its later incarnations, has a pretty decent camera, and is also quite a powerful computer if you think about it. So it makes sense that you should be able to edit photographs on the phone itself, rather than waiting until you get home to edit them in something like iPhoto. That way, you can upload edited pictures straight to sites like Flickr.

So this is where Snapseed comes in. You can start either by taking a picture, or using one that’s already on your device, and then opening it in the app. There’s a one-click Automatic fix button to adjust lighting and colour, but you can also adjust the brightness and contrast manually as well; furthermore you can adjust specific parts of the photo and remove red-eye. Images can be cropped and straightened as well, and Snapseed makes good use of the touch screen here.

Then there’s a series of filters, which Instagram users will recognise, and you can also apply a tilt-shift filter to get that miniature effect. Finally, you can export pictures to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter, save it back to the Photo Library, email it, or print it if you have an iPrint-enabled¬† printer.

So it’s quite a powerful app. Unfortunately the interface isn’t the best and takes a little getting used to – the use of arrows on the filter screens is a little non-intuitive, for example. And there’s not as many features as, say, iPhoto or Picasa on the desktop. But it does work well for quickly sprucing up images before you upload them.

Snapseed costs $5 (£3) and is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, although I got a free copy as part of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas promotion a few weeks back.

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  1. The Red-eye function is NOT in SnapSeed. IF you’ve found it – please share.