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Rather than come up with something really original today, I’m going to post a picture of a bagpipe player and a drummer dressed as The Mask and then do a meme that I stole from Dave2. Apparently I’m supposed to come up with my own questions, but meh, whatever.

The first 11 are ’11 random things about you’, the second are 11 specific questions. Firstly, 11 random things:

  1. I’ve always lived in Yorkshire – I was born and raised in York, and then moved to Bradford at 18 to go to university and then Sowerby Bridge at 26 when I moved in with Christine. I’ve never lived anywhere else.
  2. I’ve been to Paris in France five times. This is more times than several places in the UK, although with Christine not having a passport yet I am getting to see more places in my own country. Bristol is the biggest UK city that I’ve yet to visit, but plan to.
  3. I can’t play any musical instruments. My parents once encouraged me to learn the recorder at primary school, but I got frustrated with the slow progress and gave up. Despite this, I really enjoy listening to music.
  4. I’m a chronic asthmatic. I don’t write about it much because asthma has been a part of my life since I was three years old – when you’ve had something as long as that, you tend not to think about it. On the whole, it’s well-controlled and I’ve only been to hospital once with breathing difficulties. Moving out of the city and getting more regular exercise has also improved my symptoms.
  5. I am a relatively quick typist, but I’m not a proper touch typist and tend to just use a couple of fingers on each hand. I’m also not terribly accurate – thankfully, someone invented the inline spellchecker.
  6. I have never seen any of the Star Wars films. I’m sure I will watch them someday, but I’m not sure whether to watch them in the order that they were made, or the order that the story flows. Do I watch A New Hope or Phantom of the Menace first? (Ironically, there is a radio and TV series called I’ve Never Seen Star Wars where a celebrity is interviewed about things they haven’t done, and then asked to do them and rate them out of 10).
  7. I have smaller than average feet for a bloke – I generally take a UK 7, which is a 40 in EU sizes and around an 8 in US sizes. Finding cheap shoes that fit can be very difficult.
  8. I have a British Canoe Union One Star Award for kayaks and tandem canoes. However, it’s been years since I was last in a canoe and I’ve lost the certificates.
  9. I’m a fully-paid up member of CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale – but I don’t really like beer much. I’ll drink premium lager, fruit beer and some pale ales, but I tend to prefer my poison in cider or perry form. I don’t like bitter or stout.
  10. I’ve had a poem published in an anthology. I wrote it at primary school when I was 10 years old, and it was about a hamster. Other than the odd letter in a newspaper (including these two in the Guardian), that’s about all I’ve had professionally published.
  11. Some of these were taken from a draft entry I started months ago called ‘100 things’ – i.e. 100 random facts about myself, modelled on a similar list by Meredith. I only got to 47 before giving up.

And now I’m answering Kim’s Eleven questions

  1. What is your dream job? Honestly, I don’t know. Something where I could travel a lot, work with fantastic colleagues and meet lots of interesting people, but I’m not sure exactly what I’d be doing. I enjoy my job right now but it’s not my dream.
  2. What is the farthest (furthest?) you have traveled from home? Barbados.
  3. Do you think you can you have more than one best friend? Definitely. I have a few: Christine is one – she’s a best friend as well as my fiancĂ©e. Life has taught me that you need to like someone as well as love them.
  4. What is your favorite cuisine? Probably Italian, but I also like Kashmiri and Arabian food.
  5. Who is the first person you want to share news with? Christine usually, but depends on the nature of the news. My work colleagues hear a lot, since I spend most of my daylight hours with them during the week.
  6. What are people likely to ask you to help them with? To fix an issue with their computers.
  7. What are you likely to ask someone to help you with? DIY. I can assemble flat pack furniture but tend to tread carefully with anything else. Especially if it’s not something I own, like a fixture in a rented property.
  8. Why do you read blogs? I enjoy the insight into peoples’ lives, especially those that are very different from my own.
  9. Who knows you the best? Christine. We don’t keep secrets from each other (bar things like buying engagement rings of course)
  10. Do you believe in karma? Not sure.But I do believe you should be nice to other people.
  11. What’s something you are really interested in, that most people don’t know about? (that you are interested in it, not the thing itself) I try to keep my interest in public transport on the quiet, as it’s rather geeky.

One Comment

  1. I love York, and truly envy you for having grown up there… though I imagine it wouldn’t have quite the same exotic appeal to me if I had grown up there.

    I’ve been to Cologne, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam more than I’ve been to cities in my own State a mere hour away.

    I simply cannot fathom somebody having not seen the Star Wars films. Of course you should start with “Star Wars” then “The Empire Strikes Back”… everything after is downhill, but you may not be able to stop yourself!

    My “100 Things” was written over three months time. I just kept adding when something occurred to me and eventually made it to 100. I should probably update it one of these days.