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Back to the grind

HelpI’m back to work today (this is a pre-recorded blog post…) having had a solid two weeks off. Since I returned to work in May 2009, this has been the longest continuous period I’ve had off, so it was well earned. Of course, there will be all of the emails, letters and voicemails to catch up on…

Christine and I had a good time in Newcastle, which also included a few hours in Carlisle (where it rained) and Tynemouth (where thankfully it didn’t). I’ll get the photos online later this week. This time, both Christine and I had cameras, since she now has my old Canon EOS 300D. There may be some debating between us regarding who got the best shots.

We’ve also managed to make progress on the wedding planning front – we have a short list of three venues to undertake further investigation into, and have registered for a wedding list service. There’s plenty more still to do but we have 16 months to do it in.

Finally, I’ll be doing some building up to this blog’s 10th(!) anniversary on Saturday. No, I can’t believe it either.

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