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Foursquare Thursday – Hopscotch

Normally I’d save app reviews for Wednesdays, but as this concerns Foursquare and it has a rather niche use case, I’m going to review it as part of the occasional Foursquare Thursday series.

Hopscotch is an app for Foursquare superusers – that means that if you’re not a superuser then sadly there’s not much for you here. If you want to become one, you can apply for an upgrade though.

Essentially Hopscotch allows superusers to edit Foursquare’s venue database on their iPhones. The official Foursquare app doesn’t really allow for this – you can do some editing by suggesting changes to addresses but you can’t alter incorrect categories or request for one venue to be merged with another. With Hopscotch, you can.

This is very useful because Foursquare is all about going to places and checking in, yet until now it’s been very difficult to fix errors when out and about. Without Hopscotch, superusers had to make notes (mental or otherwise) to go and correct errors when they get back home, or ask for help on Twitter. Now, we can just correct errors quickly and easily.

If you’re a superuser and have an iPhone, Hopscotch is well worth downloading.

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