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Beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Today is the first day of my Christmas break – the nice people at the university gave everyone today off as a customary holiday – and will see me out of the office until the 9th January, thanks to some annual leave I had saved up. Since returning to work in May 2009 this will be the longest continuous break that I’ve had in that time – over two and a half years – so I’m very much looking forward to it.

As with last year, Christine and I will be joining my parents in York for the Christmas weekend – we both went over today, albeit separately as Christine was working today – and then returning to our flat in Sowerby Bridge for New Year. Because none of us particularly like turkey, we’re having goose for Christmas dinner this year. And probably goose casserole on Boxing Day to use up the leftovers. I assume the goose is from a farm and not one of the local geese that didn’t get away quick enough.

I hope you all have a nice, stress-free and merry Christmas break.

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