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Posts here have been a little light of late because both Christine and I have been ill with some kind of bug that isn’t quite ‘flu but stronger than a cold. We both spent most of Tuesday asleep, and although I’ve managed to drag myself to work over the past couple of days I’m still not completely better yet.

In other news:

  • Travelodge saw my post last week and we had a productive chat about my experiences. I have edited the post accordingly, and will therefore withdraw my comments about avoiding them.
  • I updated this site to WordPress 3.3, which went almost flawlessly apart from it not deleting the .maintenance file from the root folder (the existence of this file basically shuts your site down). It’s easily solved though, and I’m liking the update – the new fly-out menus are very welcome and help to declutter the interface. There’s also drag and drop uploading of images, which sounds cool although I’ve yet to try it myself.
  • Now I just need to upgrade the other two blogs on here to 3.3. I’ve considered enabling multi-user mode and just having one install but I’m worried that it’ll be a little too restrictive for my needs.
  • I’ve been experimenting with DNSCrypt, a new tool from OpenDNS which allows you to encrypt your DNS requests in the same way that web pages are encrypted over SSL. It’s a ‘technology preview’ at the moment, with only a Mac client available which is at version 0.7. Unfortunately, when I tried it, it slowed down DNS requests significantly which made pages load more slowly – especially those such as Facebook where images are hosted on cloud servers on different subdomains. The client is also a bit of a pain to uninstall. It’s promising but I’d wait for version 1.0 if I were you.
  • Christine and I have booked tickets to see the mighty Alestorm next year. After seeing Within Temptation last month (who are amazing live – if you like that kind of music, get tickets if you can), and Alestorm next year, I’ll have seen 3 of my 4 favourite bands live. Just need to see Nightwish now, although they haven’t announced any UK dates for their next tour unfortunately.

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