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Odd and ends


  • A couple of weeks ago Christine and I went to Manchester to see the band Within Temptation, who are playing only four UK dates this year on their first world tour in three years – unsurprisingly, it sold out weeks ago. It was an absolutely amazing gig – obviously we’re both big fans of their music but the lighting was brilliant, and the band put on a really good show. Hopefully they’ll be doing another European tour next year.
  • I’m really looking forward to the 1st December, so that I can shave off this beard. I’d do it sooner but I’m not a quitter…
  • I’ve deleted my Myspace account. Since I joined Facebook four years ago I’ve barely used it, and it seems my friends are in the same boat. Rather than having a stale profile languishing there, I’ve deleted it.
  • After my comments about Klout, I’m pleased to see there’s an alternative in the form of ThinkUp. Unlike Klout, you install it yourself, on your own server, and it gives you more transparent statistics rather than an opaque ‘score’. It also backs up all of your tweets and your posts on Google+ and Facebook, and lets you search them. There’s some more information from Anil Dash and Gina Trapani who helped to develop it. I’ll probably write some more about it after I’ve had it running for a bit and it has had chance to analyse more data.
  • Lately I haven’t been able to log into World of Warcraft much, due to a lack of time; I logged in this week for a bit but that was the first time in two weeks. I have thought about cancelling my subscription for a couple of months until I’m less busy however the promise of a free copy of Diablo III and a shiny flying pony means I’m committed for another 12 months. Hopefully I’ll have more drive to play when the next patch comes out in a week or two.
  • Finally, to complete three posts in three days related to geocaching, I hid my second geocache today. It’s in Bradford this time, and is awaiting approval.

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