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I haven’t blogged about it much but I’ve decided to passively participate in Movember by growing some facial hair. Rather than settle for a simple moustache, I’m instead going for a goatee beard, and have been posting photos on Twitter every 5 days – day 15 being last night.

This is the first time I’ve ever intentionally grown a beard – in the past it’s generally been because I couldn’t be bothered to shave – and is now the longest period I’ve gone without going through the customary removal of facial hair from around my mouth. Christine was consulted on the decision to grow a beard, in case you were wondering.

While there’s still another couple of weeks to go, come December 1st it’s highly likely that the beard will come off. It’s proving to be an interesting experiment but I prefer the clean shaven look; not at least as it makes shaving easier since you can just shave right across your face and not have to avoid certain areas. There’s also the general build-up of crumbs and loose hairs in it, and the fact that the hairs get soggy when you drink.

Also, I’m not doing Movember for charity, but others are – if you know someone who is, chuck a few pennies their way, will you?


  1. I had never grown a beard until about 2 and half years ago. Now I can’t imagine not having one. You gonna keep it after the month is over?