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A stroll around Bradford with a camera

Bradford Urban Garden

On Saturday, whilst Christine was busy in Bradford, I decided to take a stroll around the city centre to kill some time. Though I’m in Bradford every weekday to work – and frequently there at weekends as well – I haven’t spent much time in the city centre since moving away almost a year ago. It was also an excuse to take my camera, which I haven’t used properly in a couple of months now, and to find some more Geocaches.

Light columns

The city centre is gradually getting better. The City Park, next to Centenary Square, is almost complete and should be fully open early next year – a bit later than intended but better late than never. It’s looking good already, and the new fountains were being tested as I passed. There’s also some interesting new sculptures, one of which looks a bit like Mork’s spaceship from Mork and Mindy.

The big hole in the ground is still there, although hopefully this will become the long-overdue Westfield shopping centre sometime soon – the latest planning application has been approved and work may start as soon as April next year.

I’ve been impressed at how the panorama of the Bradford Urban Garden mural turned out – I took this as seven separate pictures and then used Hugin to stitch them together. Hugin is a free, open source and cross-platform tool and it worked really well – it was able to automatically arrange the pictures in the right order and seamlessly combine them. It helped that I had a generous amount of overlap in each photo – I tried some others from London and the results weren’t so great, unfortunately. It’s a very powerful tool and I only really scratched the surface of what it could do.

As for Geocaches, I found five, including one next to Bradford’s oldest lamppost – Geocaching sometimes reveals some interesting hidden bits of local history or takes you to intriguing places off the beaten track and this is a good example. The search for another Geocache took me past this amusing sign next to a builders’ merchant. I’ve decided to buy a year’s premium membership of to see what it’s like.

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  1. I love that Mural shot. I’ve been pondering which software to use for stiching shots together so I’ll give Hugin a try.