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A week’s worth of press releases

I’ve blogged previously about PR companies sending misguided press releases to bloggers. Lately, I’ve been getting more and more of these emails.

To give you an idea, for the past week I’ve logged each email that I’ve received, and listed them below.

  • Halloween special offer for some DVD ripping software that I’ve already blogged about previously (seriously this company emails me practically weekly now)
  • Press release for some ‘small and fashionable’ USB flash drives
  • Invitation to an event in London for a discussion about the future of some new solid state drives (SSDs)
  • Press release for a new laptop, from the same company as the event in London
  • Press release for another DVD ripping/burning program, from a different company
  • Invitation to an event in London to hear a ‘futurologist’ speak (whom I have never heard of)
  • Press release for a ‘starship-like’ docking and speaker system for iPods
  • Press release for a new ‘multi-platform, multiplayer game’
  • Three follow-up emails about the DVD ripping software that had the special offer
  • Press release for yet another, different DVD burning program

Remember, these are all sent to my personal email address, without my prior consent. The majority also do not have any ‘unsubscribe’ link, so I’m basically stuck receiving them unless I block their email addresses on the server.

I’m not naming the names of the PR companies involved, or the products or manufacturers, but if you are reading this and recognise your press release above, then please note that after logging your email in this list, your email was promptly deleted and forgotten about. Try sending me something more relevant next time.

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