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The power to stop traffic

Traffic LightFor some reason, the number of pageviews on this blog has dropped dramatically over the past few days. Since Friday, visits have been 60% down – verified by both my own WordPress stats and also views of the Google AdSense adverts. Prior to Friday, the site received around 900 pageviews per day. Now, it’s hovering around 400.

I’m not quite sure why. I do know that the Google PageRank score of this site has dropped from the lofty highs of 7 some years ago down to 4 just recently but I don’t think that on its own has caused it. Furthermore it doesn’t appear to be because of any technical problems with the site.

If anyone else has noticed some funkiness in their stats, I’d be interested to hear, just in case it’s as a result of an algorithm change by Google. I don’t really follow many search engine optimisation guides so I’m not aware of any big changes.

It’s all a bit perplexing, really.

One Comment

  1. I experienced the same a few years back. At the time it was reportedly connected to anyone working for PayPerPost. I went from 6 to 4. Not sure where I am now, and I make about $100/mo in text link ads, so I’m okay with it.