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Hey October, August wants its weather back

What I was doing the Flickr MassageWhile it wasn’t the hottest September on record, I wouldn’t be surprised if some meteorological records are broken in England today as it’s a scorching start to October. Temperatures here are around 24°C, which is unseasonably warm, and there hasn’t been any rain for almost a week now. In fact, after getting my winter coat out a couple of weeks ago, it’s now back in the cupboard; even at 9pm last night it was still too warm to wear a jumper. Over the past few nights there has been the smell of barbecues in the air.

It makes up for a rather damp and dull summer, where nice days were few and far between. Still, best to enjoy it whilst it lasts – rain is on the way towards the middle of the week, after which it’ll probably back to normal.

And now you know why us Brits are so obsessed with the weather.

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  1. Blimey, that is hot for England in October. It’s still 38°c here for us desert dwellers. Can’t wait for summer to be finally over.