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Deliciously New


Delicious, the social bookmarking service, launched version 3.0 of its site earlier this week. It’s come after an interesting few months for the site; a leaked slide from an internal presentation by its previous owners Yahoo! suggested that it was to be closed or sold off, but it wasn’t until April when it was taken over by AVOS, a company founded by the two founders of YouTube. Last weekend was the deadline for agreeing to have your data transferred from Yahoo! to AVOS; those who didn’t lost all of their bookmarks, and then on Tuesday the new site launched.

With the new site, AVOS have made it clear that it is ‘back to beta‘ – i.e. that they’re trying new things but also things are likely to break. And break they did; there have been big problems with the feeds and the API. I use ifttt to post links from Delicious to Facebook and Twitter, and it either went berserk and repeatedly posted links, or stopped working altogether. They’re working again now though.

Some other regressions are the loss of auto-complete and suggestions for tags, and the removal of the mobile version of the site for use on phones and tablets; hopefully these will also be fixed. The site has also had some stability issues – at times it’s been slow or unreachable.

Technical issues aside, there are now some major changes to the design, which aren’t universally liked but do at least make the site look a bit more modern. Whilst operated by Yahoo!, the site stagnated with few new features bar some token integration with Twitter. Under AVOS, a major new feature in the form of ‘stacks’ has been introduced which allows you to create lists of bookmarks on a particular subject and share them with the Delicious community. These appear prominently on the Delicious home page and it’s clear that this is the new direction for the site.

Some people clearly are not happy with the changes and the technical problems only exacerbate this. Hopefully within a few weeks Delicious 3.0 will be able to at least do everything that could be done in Delicious 2.0, but with a new design and extra features. I’m not about to write it off yet, even if the teething troubles have been rather frustrating.

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