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Foursquare Thursday – 4sqmap

Help with Mapreading

This week I’m going to look at 4sqmap, a site which I’ve mentioned briefly in the past but haven’t gone into much detail about before.

As the name implies, it can show your Foursquare data on a map, whether this is your most recent checkins, your mayorships, or the venues which enabled you to unlock badges. But it can do so much more than that.

If you’re working towards badges, then the check-ins by category view will show you how many times you’ve checked into venues in each category; for example, I’ve made 13 check-ins to coffee shops, so will need another 17 to get the Fresh Brew badge. Then there’s the Stats page, which gives you a nice overview of your check-ins over all time, such as your most visited venues.

It also brings some of the features of the mobile client to the desktop, such as the ‘Explore’ feature or a list of local specials. but you can select the location rather than it being where you are presently. And you can access the leaderboard, which isn’t available on the Foursquare web site.

For a third-party service which isn’t run by Foursquare themselves, it offers a surprising number of features – way beyond simply mapping your checkins. It’s certainly worth a look if Foursquare interests you.

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