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MilepostJust over nine years ago, on the 24th September 2002, I registered the domain, having previously had this site hosted on random bits of free web space (i.e. wherever I could get any space for free). Since then, the URL has stayed the same. This would also have marked nine years since I started using Movable Type, if I was still using it – as you be well aware I changed to WordPress earlier in the year.

I also missed the significance of my post about the digital switchover being the 4000th post on this blog. At 3537 days since I started blogging that does average as more than 1 per day, although in recent times 1 blog post per day has been an ambition rather than a reality – generally I only post 3-4 times per week at present, and one of those (the links from on Saturdays) is automated.

The next big milestone will be in January, which will be my 10th blogiversary. The fact that I’m still blogging almost a decade on from my first post is almost startling.

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  1. Nice! You’ve managed to keep the blogging consistent over the years which is very impressive. To be honest that’s something I’m finding myself struggling with. If I manage one post a week these days I’m doing well. I think posting quick thoughts to Twitter throughout the day might be more my thing now.

    Oh, and funny you should mention moving from Movable Type to WordPress, I noticed that BoingBoing also moved off Movable Type as well. There doesn’t seem to be that many MT blogs out there these days. Myself and Dave2 are the only ones I can think of at this point.