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Getting paid to do surveys – part three

I’ve previously posted a couple of entries about my adventures in getting paid to complete surveys online, and wanted to post an update on my progress since April.

Existing sites

Back in April I was registered with OnePoll, Valued Opinions, YouGov, OpinionBar and e-Rewards:

  • OnePoll – I’m earning a small amount each week from OnePoll, but not much. Since April I’ve added around £6.45 to my total, which now stands at £11.80, but this is a long way short of the £40 minimum payout threshold. I do get a number of polls each week but due to not having children I’m not eligible for many of them. They also appear to have abandoned the iPhone app as no new polls have been posted there for a while. Persistence may pay off but it will be a long time before I get any money from OnePoll.
  • Valued Opinons – Since joining in mid-March I have been able to claim £60 worth of vouchers, so joining has definitely been worthwhile. One recent survey included a product trial of a deodorant, so not only did I get £2 for doing the trial but also a free large can of deodorant. At present, I usually get invited to a new survey every weekday. They also now have an iPhone app which has additional surveys from time to time.
  • YouGov – I’ve accrued 1325 points (equivalent to £13.25) since receiving my cheque in November, but again will need to hit £50 to get my next payout. The number of polls I’ve been receiving from YouGov has gone down somewhat recently to around two a month.
  • OpinionBar – I finally got my £10 payout a few weeks ago, but surveys currently come through once a month at best so it’ll be a long time before I get any more money from them.
  • e-Rewards – I recently cashed in my e-Rewards points for Priority Club points to use at Intercontinental Hotels. Although this gave me around 4000 Priority Club points, this is still too few to get anything much useful like free hotel nights. Currently receiving around 2-3 surveys a month.

New sites

I came across MySurvey recently, and they’re worth mentioning as I get 7-8 surveys per week at present and have managed to accrue a lot of points, which can be redeemed as vouchers, gifts or cash via PayPal. Each point is worth slightly less than 1p – so 550 points would get approximately £5 of rewards. I joined in May and have gained around £25 of rewards since, so it’s up there with Valued Opinions for potential returns. A lot of the surveys are about advertising and its reach, so you may be asked to watch TV commercials and comment on them, for example.


If you’re looking at signing up to any of these sites, then MySurvey and Valued Opinions are the two to look at first, as you’re likely to get the most out of them. Between the two, you could get as much as £15-20 of rewards each month, which isn’t bad for the small time investment required each day.

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