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Changing the theme

Yoko Theme

After a few months, I’ve become bored with the ‘Atom’ theme that I’ve been using since switching to WordPress. So I’m giving the Yoko theme a try, as featured in Smashing Magazine a couple of months ago. I’ve had to customised it a bit, and so I have spent my lunch hour at work learning about WordPress Child Themes so as not to disrupt the core theme files.

To me, it feels more fresh than the previous design. Whereas Atom was a big, extensible framework plugin, this is a relatively simple one. It’s also notable for using the new HTML5 tags and is able to adapt its appearance depending on screen size. Whilst this means that the mobile version of this site, which uses the WPtouch plugin, is now theoretically unnecessary, I’ll keep it for now.

Any thoughts about the new theme are welcome. I think everything should be working correctly but let me know of any funkiness.


  1. A very clean minimal theme. Which are my favorite kind, so, good choice sir, looks good.

  2. Is the keeping of “Just another WordPress site” meant to be ironic? 🙂

    I do like this theme, though it doesn’t leave much space for menu items. Then again, it’s probably a bad idea to have a huge menu anyway.

  3. Nice clean theme – I like it.

  4. There are child themes now?! I had no idea. All that ripping up of themes I used to do!

  5. I’ve been considering a change on a couple of my sites and this theme is now on my list to consider. It is clean and uncluttered.