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Hidden and found

River Ryburn

I mentioned on Tuesday that I was looking to hide my first Geocache this week, and, on Tuesday, I did – in fact, the photo above is taken close to where the cache is hidden (although the photo is from December last year – the weather hasn’t been quite that bad recently).

I submitted it to that evening, and, after a minor change on the advice of one of the moderators, it went live on the site late on Tuesday night. I figured it would be a day or two before anyone found it, but, lo and behold, an email appeared on Wednesday morning stating that someone had found it. Not that it’s a particularly hard cache to find, although I kept the description vague to allow for some ambiguity.

If you’re in the Sowerby Bridge area and want to look for it, it’s called Stansfeld’s Secret.

I have another 3 nano caches to hide, but haven’t decided upon suitable locations as yet.

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