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App of the Week: ScrobblePod

As you will know, I’m a big fan of, and try to ‘scrobble’ all of the music I play in order to get recommendations (and brag about my frankly excellent taste of music… heh…). Whilst some clients like Spotify include native support for scrobbling, and others like Songbird have extensions for it, iTunes lacks official scrobbling support and so you need a scrobbling client.

There’s an official scrobbler which is good for new users and lets you play back your radio stations without needing to use a web browser, but it’s a bit of a resource hog – and overkill if all you want to do is make sure that the songs you play on iTunes and your iPod get scrobbled. In the past, I’ve used iScrobbler, a lighter app which sits in your Mac’s menu bar and scrobbles away without attracting too much attention, but iScrobbler hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. Whilst it works on Lion and with the latest iTunes without any obvious problems, it does look like it has been abandoned, so I looked for an alternative. Enter ScrobblePod.

Like iScrobbler it sits in your menu bar and scrobbles the songs you play in iTunes (as well as any that have been played on your iPod after you synchronise it), and displays Growl notifications for each song, but it has a much nicer interface and a few extra options. It also uses a more up-to-date authentication system when dealing with your account which means it doesn’t have to store your password. It’s light on system resources, using up only around 15 MB of RAM.

Whilst not offering as many features as the official scrobbler, it does the job and keeps out of your way – great if you tend to have music on in the background.

One Comment

  1. Oh nice find.

    In the past I used iScrobbler heavily because back in those days, the official client didn’t scrobble iPod plays. Since then, iScrobbler has become abandonware and the official client supports iPod scrobbles so I moved to it primarily.

    But you’re right, it does use a *lot* of resources and it’s sometimes a little flakey and will only scrobble iPod plays if I sync my iPod twice.

    So I will certainly be giving ScrobblePod a try.