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Caching in


  • Over the past week I’ve found 4 more geocaches. Two were found with the help of one of my work colleagues on campus at work, although a third on campus unfortunately evaded us (but then no-one has found it in nine months suggesting it has gone). I later found another one near the cenotaph in Bradford city centre, and Christine helped me find one at Bingley station before we headed home after Bingley Music Live.
  • Speaking of geocaching, I’ve ordered four black nanocaches, ready for unleashing somewhere. They’re only £1.55 from UK Geocachers, who delivery very quickly, and they come with the paper log already included. We’ve got ideas for two locations in the area already.
  • We’re still managing to go to the gym at least once a week. Whilst I’ve still got some flab to lose from my belly, I’m finding that the workouts have improved my posture (which I didn’t expect, but is welcome), and my overall stamina – especially regarding breathing. Consequently, my asthma is better now than it has been any time in the past 3-4 years or so. In fact, I’m hoping to come off montelukast at my next review, although we’ll see what happens.
  • Thursday is Christine’s birthday, and it’ll be the first time that we’ll be together for it – last year it was midweek and I had to work. I don’t think she’s worked out exactly what I’ve got her although I’ve dropped a few hints…
  • This is important and probably should have its own blog post, but if you have a Mac, follow these instructions to disable or delete the DigiNotar Certificate Authority. They were hacked into recently and a whole host of fraudulent SSL certificates were issued for sites like, and others. Unfortunately Apple hasn’t yet released a software update to remove DigiNotar so unless it’s removed manually then Safari, Google Chrome and any other Mac app without its own CA list may use one of the fraudulent certificates. Firefox has already been patched; an update for Internet Explorer on Windows XP is on the way but IE7/8/9 on Vista and Windows 7 is apparently not vulnerable.
  • If you’re a NeoOffice user, and have made or are willing to make a $10 or more donation, you can get access to NeoOffice 3.2.1 which supports Lion’s new ‘versions’ feature as well as an attempt at supporting the ‘full screen’ feature (mostly limited by the poor support inherited from I am wondering whether to purchase Apple’s Pages app from the iWork suite, as while NeoOffice is bearable it’s also very slow and ugly.

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