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Clearing the way

A massive cockI apologise for the lack of new blog entries over the past few days – as you know, I work for a university, and tomorrow is when the A-level results are released. We may have some vacancies in Clearing, so give us a call if you find yourself without a university place tomorrow.

I’ve also been rather ensconced in World of Warcraft over the weekend – my paladin is finally exalted with my guild, and I’ve also brought my priest over to the new server. I don’t think I’ll be transferring any of my other characters over – I’m intending to level new characters afresh from now on, after I get bored with these two.

I took a break from killing fiery monsters in Azeroth to visit the annual Halifax Show on Saturday afternoon – it’s a bit like the Great Yorkshire Show but much smaller. Plenty of animals to look at, as well as stalls from local businesses and charities. It was a good day out with plenty to do.

Also, Firefox 6 is available to download. Like Firefox 5, there aren’t many changes – the most notable being some changes to the address bar, where less important characters in the URL are greyed out to emphasise the domain name. If you use 1Password, there’s a brand new extension for you which works with Firefox 6 – it’s been completely written and now uses pure JavaScript.The advantages of this are that it should work in any future release of Firefox – even alpha and beta releases – as there’s no new code to compile, and it’ll install without Firefox needing to be restarted. It also means that the extension uses the same look and feel in both Firefox and Safari – there’s no longer a separate toolbar – everything happens when you click on the ‘1P’ button on the toolbar. Unfortunately, there are caveats – 1Password won’t work with any ‘basic authentication’ prompts – i.e. the ones that open in a modal dialog, and the 1Password options now longer show in the right-click context menu.

Finally, if you have an iPhone, have a look at the new version 4 of the LinkedIn app. It’s very, um, different. I like it though – a snazzy new interface that’s a refreshing change from the plain app that came before it.

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  1. I’m starting to pay attention to the Firefox releases again. I dunno, maybe I’ll make the switch back from Chrome.