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Sunday Morning Miscellany

  • Piglets at the Great Yorkshire ShowYesterday I went on a 16-mile walk, from Hebden Bridge, up to Stoodley Pike, then along the Pennine Way past Blackstone Edge onto Marsden Moor and finishing up at Marsden. It was a good walk, bar some initial thunderstorms whilst climbing out of Hebden Bridge, although I made a rather inappropriate footwear choice and as such my feet are rather blistered this morning. It’s the longest walk I’ve done for over 2 years.
  • After the walk, we ended up in The Head of Steam, one of the two nice pubs at Huddersfield Station. The great thing about such long walks is that you can then eat a double cheeseburger with bacon, onion rings and fat chips, and still have burnt off more calories than you’ll put on.
  • We’re having a pub lunch for Christine’s mum’s birthday as well today though.
  • BT upgraded our broadband last week to ADSL2+. As we’re within 200 metres of our telephone exchange, in a building with modern telephone wiring, this means that our ADSL modem is connecting at 21.7 Mbps download and 1.2 Mbps. Real-world speeds are a little lower – 18.33 Mbps download according to and 17.1 Mbps according to thinkbroadband, but it’s still a threefold increase from 6 Mbps which is what we had before the upgrade. And it’s not costing anything extra. It’s a far cry from when I was wimpering along with 52 Kbps at university seven years ago.
  • My post about MacFUSE and Lion seems to be pulling in a lot of traffic – page views on the site are up. In other WordPress-relatedness, I’ve disabled a couple of plugins (Search Meter, which records what people search for, and Broken Links) to try to improve performance. I think the MySQL database has been hitting its maximum connections limit a few times and so hopefully disabling these two will reduce the database load. I’m keeping Redirection enabled but have set up some of the most accessed redirects in my .htaccess file, again to reduce database load.
  • I’ve resumed cross-posting of entries to my LiveJournal. I have no idea if people ever look at it, but it’s another way of viewing content if you prefer that. I’m using the LiveJournal CrossPoster plugin; I’ve previously tried JournalPress but it doesn’t appear to work in WordPress 3.2.1.

One Comment

  1. We’ve just moved house and the new place has got BT Infinity setup: gives us 27.49Mbps down/8.24Mbps up and Thinkbroadband gives us 21.95Mbps down/8Mbps up.

    However, we’ve got a dynamic IP address and peer-to-peer traffic is throttled 🙁

    But like you said, it makes a bit change from 14.4Kbps modems which I used when I started on the old interwebtubes.